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Uninstalling Finch

Depending on the installation method, the process to uninstall Finch varies. If you are leveraging the homebrew package manager, you can use homebrew's builtin uninstallation method. If you installed Finch using the Application Package, there is an uninstall script included in Finch.

Uninstalling Finch with homebrew

If you have installed Finch with the homebrew package manager, you can uninstall Finch using brew uninstall.

brew uninstall finch

The package manager should then go through cleaning up the relevant finch files.

==> Uninstalling Cask finch
==> Running uninstall script /Applications/Finch/
Finch-v0.6.2 will be REMOVED.
Application uninstalling process started
[1/3] [DONE] Successfully deleted shortcut links
[2/3] [DONE] Successfully deleted application informations
[3/3] [DONE] Successfully deleted application
Application uninstall process finished

Uninstalling Finch with the uninstall script

Within the Finch Application Package we include a script to help with uninstallation. You must run the the uninstallation script as a privileged user. When running this command you will be prompted for a password for the privileged user.

sudo bash /Applications/Finch/

At the confirmation prompt, enter Y.

Finch-v0.6.2 will be REMOVED.
Do you wish to continue [Y/n]?

After the script has finished, the uninstallation process is complete.