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finch images

List images


  • REPOSITORY: Repository
  • TAG: Tag
  • NAME: Name of the image, --names for skip parsing as repository and tag.
  • IMAGE ID: OCI Digest. Usually different from Docker image ID. Shared for multi-platform images.
  • CREATED: Created time
  • PLATFORM: Platform
  • SIZE: Size of the unpacked snapshots
  • BLOB SIZE: Size of the blobs (such as layer tarballs) in the content store
finch images [flags] [REPOSITORY[:TAG]]


  -a, --all              (unimplemented yet, always true) (default true)
      --digests          Show digests (compatible with Docker, unlike ID)
  -f, --filter strings   Filter output based on conditions provided
      --format string    Format the output using the given Go template, e.g, '{{json .}}', 'wide'
  -h, --help             help for images
      --names            Show image names
      --no-trunc         Don't truncate output
  -q, --quiet            Only show numeric IDs